23 5 / 2013

Hey, this is Ricky. I am 25 years old from Toronto. I am a professional gym instructor and love body building. I want to share my great experience with all those people who are trying to find some body building tips. I have decided to create a blog to help passionate people.

Consuming high amount of proteins and calories is must if you are trying to boost your muscles. However, eating lots of food won’t help. To achieve a good body and muscles, you will need to combine hardcore muscle building exercises and food. Along with the right health strategy, the following exercise tips will better provide you towards accomplishing the goal of creating greater muscle.

Use free weights

Try to use free weights like dumbbells rather than cable or smith machines. Machines are great to grow body, but use free weights to grow muscles fast. Dumbbells will create compound mass and help you to make your ancillary muscles. You will be able to see difference very fast. If you are following a good diet plan then it will only take you 1 month to grow muscles fast.

Try compound exercises

Try compound exercises like flat bench, squat, deadlift, clean and press. These exercises will help you to increase muscle fiber in your body resulting in great and powerful muscles.